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he College Success 1 Website by Dr. Marsha Fralick provides resources for  faculty teaching student success courses  and for students who dream of graduating from college and having a rewarding career.  It provides supporting material for textbooks written by Dr. Fralick which contain topics from college, career and lifelong success.  These student success textbooks include the Do What You Are (DWYA) personality assessment, the Productivity Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS) learning style inventory, and the MI Advantage that measures multiple intelligences.  Dr. Fralick has 36 years of experience in teaching college success courses and providing professional development for faculty.  

"My Goal is Your Success."
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Visit my College and Career Success Blog at for discussion on issues related to student success. 
Now available:
Career Success textbook
6th Edition of College and Career Success plus Concise Edition
Native American College and Career Success  
Updated PowerPoint with new graphics  

New Multiple Intelligences Activities have been added.
In Chapter 12, Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, government nutrition
                                   guidelines have changed from MyPyramid to MyPlate.
My Next Move for Veterans is a new O*Net site that helps veterans search for careers based on key words, industries or careers similar to their military jobs. 
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Journal Entries 5th Edition, Chapter 4, Journal Entry #1, new URL:   
New videos have been added. 
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