See a Video Overview of the new updated AchieveWORKS Personality, Intelligences and Learning assessments. These newly updated, valid, and reliable assessments published by HumanEsources are integrated into the textbooks written by Dr. Fralick. Related classroom exercises to engage students in learning about their personality types, personal strengths, multiple intelligences, interests, values and learning are available in the Instructor Manual.  
  AchieveWORKS Personality (Formerly Do What You Are)
This personality assessment helps students understand their personal strengths and connect them to matching careers.
Psychometric Report
  AchieveWorks Learning (Formerly PEPS)
This assessment helps students understand their learning preferences and increases productivity in college, on the job and in their personal lives.
Psychometric Report
  AchieveWORKS Intelligences (Formerly MI Advantage)
This assessment helps students understand their multiple intelligences and connect them to careers.
Psychometric Report
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