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The new 2nd Edition will be available spring 2018.

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Career Success, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-5249-4846-7
Kendall Hunt Publishing
Author: Marsha Fralick  

The current price of the printed version of Career Success is $40.

There is also an interactive online version for $30. This version features an online career portfolio for the assessment results and
career exploration links. Students can continue to use this portfolio as they progress through college and look for employment after graduation.
They can upload their resume and continue revising it as they develop their career plans and look for employment with the
integrated site Faculty can view and comment on student work online.

Both options include 3 career assessments (personality, multiple intelligences and interests.)

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  • This edition features a new chapter on career satisfaction.
  • Concepts from positive psychology are used to help students assume responsibility for career planning, increase motivation,
    build on their strengths, think positively about the future, and clarify what happiness means to them.
  • This textbook helps students increase self-understanding by exploring personality types, multiple intelligences, interests, and values along
    with matching careers.
  • Vocational assessments include the AchieveWORKS Personality and Intelligences assessments (formerly Do What You Are and MI Advantage.)
    The O*Net Interest Profiler is also integrated into the text.
  • An online career portfolio summarizes the results of the assessments and provides links to the O*Net database of careers as well as links to current available jobs at
  • Material is provided to help students set goals based on personality type, interests, values, and multiple intelligences.
  • Information is provided on current career trends, the career decision making process, educational planning, and researching career information and outlook.
  • Updated job search strategies including online personal branding and using social media and other online job search tools.
  • Interactive activities within the text help students to practice the material learned.
  • Frequent quizzes and answer keys within the chapters help students with reading comprehension and check understanding of key concepts.
  • Journal entries help students think critically and apply what they have learned to their personalo lives.
  • An interactive online editon, College and Career Success Online, is available. Individualand group exercises are included at the end of each chapter.
  • This website has resources for faculty and students including interactive exercises, handouts, and resources that engage students in learning
    and make teaching easier.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Create Your Success
Choosing your major and finding your ideal career; using motivation to increase your success; education and lifetime earnings; thinking positively about the future; taking control of your life; visualize your success, secrets to happiness, create your success

Chapter 2 Exploring Your Personality and Major
Choose a major that matches your gifts and talents; understanding personality types; extraversion or introversion; sensing or intuition; thinking or feeling; judging or or perceiving; personality and preferred work environment; personality and decision making; personality and time management; personality and money; personality and career choice; other factors in choosing a major, find your passion

Chapter 3 Exploring Interests and Values
Exploring your interests (realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, conventional); interests and lifestyle; using values to make important life decisions, act on your values

Chapter 4 Exploring Multiple Intelligences
Your mindset makes a difference; grit, a powerful tool for student success; what are multiple intelligences; build on your strengths; using emotional intelligences; create your future

Chapter 5 Planning Your Career and Education
Keep your eyes on the future; baby boomers, generation X, the Millenials, and the new generation Z; developments affecting future careers; career trends for 2020; work skills for the 21st century; how to research your career; planning your education; making good decisions

Chapter 6 Updated Job Search Strategies
Increasing your chances for employment; get started with a resume and cover letter; establishing your personal brand online; using online tools; the job interview; starting your own business; taking action; you are what you think

Chapter 7 Career Satisfaction
More on finding your passion; finding meaning in your work; money and job satisfaction; predictors of job satisfaction; how to succeed in your career; what are my lifetime goals; using priorities to guide your actions; some positive thoughts for the future



Career Assessments

An interactive online edition is available. Contact me at for an online demo.

Try Out the Assessments: The AchieveWORKs Personality and Intelligences assessments are included. Note that these assessments
were formerly the Do What You Are and the MI Advantage

Visit Click on Login. Enter the Access Key: C2Q3X6V. Create an account to access the assessments and the career center.