Links: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


Take this fitness assessment to find out how your personality type influences the type of exercise program that might work best for you.  Results are presented as different colors connected to personality type.  There are explanations of each type and recommendations for an optimal fitness program based on your type.


Note that the government guidelines for good nutrition changed in 2011 after the 5th Edition of College and Career Success was printed.  My Pyramid has been replaced by MyPlate.  The new website is Students can get a personalized daily food plan based on their age, height, weight and activity level at 

Learn how to interpret nutrition labels and find out the nutritional value and calories in foods at the Self Nutrition Data site:

Find the nutritional value of foods at this nutrition calculator:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture publishes the Food and Nutrition Information Center with accurate and practical nutrition information:

Live to Be 100

Live to be 100 and healthy.  Take this free assessment to determine how long you will live.  Then read suggestions on how to live a healthier and longer life.  This site is highly recommended.

Try this longevity calculator.  It has a sliding bar used to describe your health habits and you can see the effect of improvement by sliding the bar.

Play the longevity game at this site.  As you answer the questions, see visuals that describe your lifestyle.  Suggestions are given for improving your health and lifestyle.

Here is another longevity calculator:

Health Questions

This site produced by the National Institutes of Health has very good video tutorials on common diseases and health issues.  Just click on a topic and listen to the video:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide the latest research on a variety of health topics.  Health topics A-Z are listed.

Visit the Web MD for answers to your health questions.  Wellness topics are included:

The Wellness Web contains a very complete alphabetical listing of health topics. Learn about nutrition, weight loss, women’s health issues, stress management, how to quit smoking or find information on an illness or health topic. It has a fun and relaxing section titled, "Be happy, Be Well" with games, puzzles, movies, travel, poetry, music and other diversions:  

Use Yahoo to alphabetically research information on a disease, condition or general health topic or find information on a drug or medication. The site includes Find a Doctor, Ask a Doctor, Tests and Tools to assess health risks and determine life expectancy, Alternative Medicine and Nutrition and Fitness. Find out the latest health information in Health News. There are also chat rooms and message boards. Receive quotes on health insurance: 


The Problem with College Drinking is a good article summarizing the extent and effects of college drinking:

Off the Bandwagon has useful facts about alcohol and drugs plus resources for assistance in each state.

The Alcohol Rehab Guide provides resources for recovery and treatment:

Alcohol 101+ helps college students make safe decisions about alcohol.  It provides scenarios for discussion and reflection.

Visit the Century Council for information and resources for dealing with drunk driving and underage drinking:

The Rethinking Drinking Site is a new government site that provides valuable research based information on drinking and how it affects your health.  Find answers to these questions:  What counts as a drink?   Is your drinking pattern risky?  What's the harm?  Thinking about change?  The site provides strategies for cutting down or quitting drinking.  There are online questionnaires to check your drinking pattern and assess signs of problems.  The site provides tools for making a change.   

This site contains information for adults, teens and others dealing with alcoholism in their families or communities.  There are referrals to local groups.  There is no cost involved.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence provides education, information, hope and help to the public.  It advocates prevention, education and treatment.

For good resources and additional links on under aged drinking aimed at teens and children, go to:


Off the Bandwagon has useful facts about drugs and alcohol and resources for assistance in each state.

This site has information about illegal drugs and how they affect the heart and other side effects. Find information on opium, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, rohypnol, LSD, and ectacy

This site is dedicated to living without drugs.  It offers information and assistance with drug addiction.

This site indexes treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction.

This site provides the latest information and news stories about drugs.  It contains a useful fact sheet on the various drugs. 

The Morningside Recovery site has a good summary of drug types and effects of drug abuse.  It is aimed at teens and parents, but has useful information for college students.   


The Healthline Nicotine Addiction and Dependence Learning Center has good information on nicotine addiction and quitting smoking: 

This site has numerous articles and suggestions for quitting smoking and has links to many products for quitting smoking.  It features chat rooms and even stop smoking cartoons.

This site has many useful resources to quit smoking.

This site has practical advice on how to quit smoking from one who has gone through the process.  It contains additional links for resources to quit smoking.  I highly recommend this site.

This site contains tips for quitting smoking.  It is focused on adolescents.  It has a gallery of humorous anti-smoking photos which are good for getting out the message about the dangers of smoking.

Addictive Behavior

The Addiction Resource web site has a link to a helpline sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plus information on drugs, addiction, treatment (and how your insurance might pay for it), drug abuse, and addiction facts.

Project Know has information about drug and alcohol addiction and treatment centers in your area:

The Addiction Center provides information about addictions, treatment centers and a plan for recovery.  It is helpful for those with addictions or for those helping others with addictions.

The Recovery Connection is a website that offers information, live chat and referrals for psychiatric and mental health problems and addiction.  At this site you can find information about anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, codependency, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress as well as other mental health and addiction problems:

Are you addicted to the Internet? Check out the Center for Online Addiction: 


This site contains research articles on sleep, suggestions for dealing with sleep problems, and discussion forums.  

The National Sleep Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes the public understanding of sleep disorders and provides sleep-related education.


Visit the Learn Psychology, "Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College and Beyond" for information about stress and anxiety, a stress test, resources, and techniques for dealing with stress in college as well as on the job:

For a good summary of stress management sources and how to cope, visit this site:  

Spa Beauty Schools has many resources for relaxation including meditation, breathing, autogenic relaxation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization , massage, Tai Chi, exercise, hypnosis and general resources: 

The American Institute of Stress is dedicated to understanding the role of stress in health and illness.  It has a good summary of the causes of stress and relaxation techniques.

Learn to understand and recognize stress.  This site helps you to optimize your level of stress and to manage life crisis:   

Mental Health

This site, Promoting Student Mental Health, has information and resources for stress, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, ADHD, eating disorders, OCD, and PTSD:

This site features an encyclopedia of mental health information including the 52 most common mental disorders, diagnosis, treatment and medications. The information can be translated into several different languages:



"The Body" is an award winning source of information on AIDS and HIV. It has 30,000 documents on prevention, treatment, quality of life and government issues. It includes how to provide or get help with this disease:

Planned Parenthood

Access Planned Parenthood information on birth control, parenting and pregnancy. Information is available in Spanish also: