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Learning Style
(Note that learning style theory is not supported by current research and not included in my new 7th Edition. I am leaving these links on my site temporarily since learning style is still used in my older editions.)

For a comprehensive listing of research on learning style and the PEPS learning style inventory, visit this site:  

For general information about the PEPS learning style inventory:

Cornerstone on Demand has a good description of learning styles and matching strategies for visual, tactile, kinesthetic and auditory learners. The site includes an assessment and articles on varios topics, including learning styles in an online environment:

The Virginia Tech site has valuable resources on learning including learning to learn, succeeding in continuing education, visual/spatial learning, learning as a student athlete or student performer, learning as an adult, learning with ADHD, active learning, and language learning strategies.

Diablo Valley College offers a learning style inventory with suggested learning strategies:

Assess your learning style and discover how it affects your use of memory techniques.

Learn more about how your personality type influences your learning style and effective study tips for each type:
Learning style and Myers-Briggs

Use this site to learn more about your personality type and the connection to learning style:

For information about VARK, a learning style assessment created by Neil Fleming, click the link below.  It includes visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic and multimodal styles. 
Click this link to take a VARK assessment for free:

Multiple Intelligences

This site has criteria, overviews, profiles, links and lesson plans related to multiple intelligences:

This site has career suggestions for different multiple intelligences.  Just click on the intelligence. 

Visit this site for information on the life and work of Howard Gardner:

For a quick overview of Howard Gardner's theory and intelligences, go to:

This site has examples of learning strategies for different multiple intelligences: 

The Concept to Classroom site helps teachers to use multiple intelligence theory to help students learn better:

This site contains information on multiple intelligences and learning style.  It has free multiple intelligence assessments.  It also has additional resources for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (VAK) assessments of learning style.

Emotional Intelligence

For an article, "What is Emotional Intelligence? Definitions, History and Measures of Emotional Intelligence," and links to related topics, go to: 

For an article, "Emotional Intelligence, Key Skills for Raising Emotional Intelligence," go to:

For an article, " Are You Emotionally Intelligent?  It Will Help You Rise Above Failure," go to: