Counseling 120, College and Career Success with Dr. Fralick


Week/Date Activities and Assignments Due by Sunday 11:55 pm each week
Orientation: January 26-February 1 Orientation

For orientation, complete the following:

Read the Course Syllabus
Read the course syllabus by clicking on the above link or the Syllabus button on the course menu to the left of your screen.

Explore the Course
Click on each of the buttons on the course menu to the left of your screen to familiarize yourself with all components of this course. 

Take the Orientation Quiz on the Course Syllabus and Course Menu (10 points)
To take this quiz, click on the Quizzes button on the left of your screen.  Click on orientation quiz.  You get 3 attempts to get all the answers correct.    

Register for Your Etext, CollegeScope
You can begin your e-text for free.  Go to and click on the "Register Here" button.  You will use your e-mail address as your login ID and you will be asked to create a password for your CollegeScope account. Make sure to write down your e-mail address and password that you create so that you can log in to your e-text each week. After you have created your account, log in with your e-mail address and the password that you created.  You will have to pay an access fee of $50 before you begin Chapter 2.   

Introduce yourself on the blog at:    Read the directions on the blog before you begin.

Install the Remind App on your cell phone or go to Enter our class code: drfral and your phone number. I will not be able to see your phone number, but will be able to text you important reminders about due dates in our course.  


Week 1: February 2-8 CollegeScope Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation 
Click on Begin CollegeScope.  You will first complete the Content Survey which is a pre-test.  You will complete this same survey at the end of the course to see how much you have learned.  After the survey, you will be able to log into Chapter 1, Understanding Motivation, and complete it.   

While reading the chapter, complete the quizzes and online journals.  I have access to your portfolio and read your work and post your grades on Blackboard.  Note that you must complete the quizzes and journals to progress in the program.  Once you go to the next page, your work is saved and you cannot change it. 

The online journals are a way to increase your reading comprehension and to personally interact with the text and think about how you can apply the material to enhance your personal success.  Generally each journal entry should be a thoughtful paragraph rather than a phrase or sentence for the answer.  The quizzes are designed to help with reading comprehension.  You will receive 25 points for the journal entries and 10 points for the quizzes and activities within the chapter.  Before you begin the journal entries, please take a look at the Grading Rubric to see how I grade the journal entries

Complete the Blog for Week 1
Go to  and follow the directions to complete the blog for week 1.  The blog is the virtual classroom where you will interact with the instructor and others students.  You are required to complete 2 postings on the blog each week.  Postings must be 100 words minimum.  Each posting is worth 10 points for a total of 20 points each week. 

Assignment: How to Change a Habit
Go to Blackboard and click on Assignments.  Begin work on How to Change a Habit.  This assignments involves keeping a 10 day log of a behavior you would like to change.  This assignment is due Feb. 22.        


Week 2: February 9-15
CollegeScope Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major 
See the previous week for detailed instructions on how to complete these assignments.  You will have to pay $50 to continue with Chapter 2 in CollegeScope.  Save money by paying online.  If you cannot pay online, you can purchase an access code in the bookstore for $65.  

When you click on Chapter 2, you will begin with the Do What You Are personality assessment.  To get the best results, complete the survey in a careful and honest way.  There are no good or bad or right or wrong answers.  We all have different personality types and learning styles and every type has strengths that can be used to be successful in college and in choosing a career. Do not answer the questions the way you think an ideal person would answer them or the results will not be useful to you.  It is important to answer the questions honestly in the way that describes you the best. The assessment is easy, but long.  Pick a time when you are not tired and have plenty of time. If you get tired during the assessment, take a break or come back to it later (you can save where you left off).  When you are finished, you can read your personality profile on the front page of your portfolio.  It is a positive description of your personality type which should be helpful in increasing self-understanding and in making the best choice of a major and career

Blog 2 
Go to  to complete the blog. 

Complete Assignment: Personality Paper (50 Points)
This is a major assignment, so do your best work on it.  Go to Blackboard and click on Assignments for a simple form which will guide your writing of this project and some samples of outstanding projects completed by other students.  This assignment is about your personality and should be very meaningful to you.  Use the material in Chapter 2 and your Do What Your Are personality assessment to complete this project.

Please view this video on how to submit an assignment: 

Video on How to Submit an Assignment


Week 3: February 16-22 CollegeScope Chapter 3: Learning Style and Intelligence
When you Click on Chapter 3, you will first be directed to take the Productivity Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS) which will help you understand your learning style and be more productive in school and work.  Just answer the questions quickly on this survey and then read your report on the front page of your portfolio. 

Blog 3

Complete Assignment: How to Change a Habit (30 points)
Go to Blackboard and click on Assignments for information about the project and the form needed to complete it.  Upload your assignment in the Assignment section of Blackboard. 


Week 4: February 23-March 1 CollegeScope Chapter 4: Exploring Interests and Values

Blog 4

Begin working on Educational Plan Assignment due March 22.   You will need a Counseling appointment for this plan.  For this assignment, make an appointment with an educational counselor to discuss your courses for next semester.  For your appointment, call 619-660-4429. You can also use online counseling at Ask a Counselor


Week 5: March 2-8    CollegeScope Chapter 5: Planning Your Career and Education

Blog 5

Complete the Career Research Assignment.  Click on Assignments on the course menu for details. 

Week 6: March 9-15

CollegeScope Chapter 6: Managing Time and Money

Blog 6

Work on Educational Plan Due March 22. Do you have your counseling appointment yet?


Week 7:March 16-22
CollegeScope Chapter 7: Improving Memory and Reading

Extra Credit Card Trick due this week.   (10 extra credit points-no late assignments accepted)  

Blog 7

Educational Plan due March 22.     


Spring Break March 23-29 No Assignments
Week 8: March 30-April 5    CollegeScope Chapter 8: Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking

Blog 8

Note that April 5 is Easter Sunday, so plan ahead and complete your work before Sunday so you can enjoy the holiday.  

Week 9: April 6-12

CollegeScope Chapter 9: Test Taking

Blog 9


Week 10: April 13-19 CollegeScope Chapter 10: Communication and Relationships

Blog 10


Week 11: April 20-26

CollegeScope Chapter 11: Thinking Critically and Creatively

Blog 11


 Week 12: April 27-May 3 CollegeScope Chapter 12: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Blog 12

Complete Assignment:  Health Improvement (20 points)



 Week 13: May 4-10  CollegeScope Chapter 13: Appreciating Diversity

Blog 13


Week 14: May 11-17 
Last week of class!

CollegeScope Chapter 14: Looking Toward the Future

Blog 14

Post Test CollegeScope

Complete Assignment: Course Evaluation (20 points)
This is not a final exam.  It is telling me what you like about the class and suggestions for improvement.  You get 20 points for completing this assignment.  It is not graded based on your comments. 

There is no final exam in this class.  This is the last week of school.  All assignments are due by May 17. No late assignments can be accepted after this date.