Counseling 120 Online

  Welcome to 
Counseling 120, College and Career Success
Spring 2017
Dr. Marsha Fralick

Dr. Marsha Fralick's online section 0882 begins January 30 and ends May 28.         

Welcome Letter

The welcome letter has important information for beginning this course. 


File your Application for Admission and register at:

Please register for Counseling 120, section 0882.   As soon as you register, you will be automatically downloaded into my class and a Canvas account will be created for you.  

Here is my e-mail address.  Please write "online class" in your subject heading.  I accept all late students who register after the first week.   

Course Syllabus
The Course Syllabus explains everything you need to know about the course and how you will be graded.  It also contains information on how to log into Blackboard, the course management software.  

Assignment Due Dates 
All assignments for the week are due on Sunday at 11:55 pm.   Of course you can complete the work earlier in the week if you prefer.  Plan to work steadily and complete some work each day so that you can finish on time.  Check your e-mail at least 3 times a week. 

Need Flexibility?
No problem.  All assignments are available the first day of class.  You can work ahead or finish early so that you can take time off for a vacation or to take care of personal business or work.  You can also work on this course from any location that has Internet access. 

Course Materials
The interactive e-text, College and Career Success Online, by Dr. Marsha Fralick is required for this class.  Students must complete 1 chapter per week in this textbook.  Save money and use your credit card to pay for this textbook online during the first week of the course. If you pay online, the cost is $50. If you do not have a credit card and cannot pay online, you can purchase an access code in the bookstore for $65.

Do not purchase the printed edition of the text from the College Bookstore or purchase a used printed edition because they will not be used in this online course.

If you have any difficulties purchasing the online text, contact me at: (include online class in the subject heading)

Please submit your assignments using Microsoft Word.  I can open documents with the following file extensions:

.docx (Word 2007-10)

If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can download Open Office Writer for free at:

Using Open Office Writer, save your document as Microsoft Office with .doc or .docx as the format. 

Complete the online orientation during the first week of class, January 30-February 5. To get started on the orientation, log into Canvas.

How to Log Into Canvas

Canvas is the course management system used for this class.  You will be able to log in on the first day of class, January 30, 2017. Here are the directions for logging into Canvas:

Click this link to open your Canvas account and view a video on how to use your account: How to get started with Canvas

If you cannot log in, send me an email at:  
In the subject heading, include online class so I can quickly sort out your messages from junk mail. 

If you need assistance with using Canvas, contact the Student Help Desk.  Call the Help Desk at 619-660-4395.  The Student Help Desk is open:
Monday 8-5
TTH 7 am-7:30 pm
WF 7 am-5 pm
Sat 7 am-3 pm

If you cannot log into Canvas during the first week of school, contact your instructor as soon as possible.  Contact information is available in the syllabus above.      

Here are some important things to know about this class:

This class meets a general education requirement for the CSU system, Area E.

This class is also UC transferable.

This class will be an interesting journey of self-exploration.

You will have the opportunity to explore your personality, interests and values to select a future career or confirm that your current career choice is the best one for you.  

You will learn how to remember and study more efficiently. 

You will have interesting online conversations with others in the class.

The class is totally online.  There are no on campus meetings.