Financial Literacy

New Financial Literacy Curriculum for Spring, 2022

We are partnering with Kiddom to provide financial literacy curriculum for high schools and colleges. The materials meet or exceed the Texas and other state requirements for financial literacy for high school graduation. This topic is also frequently included in college level first-year experience courses. We anticipate a spring, 2022 completion date for these materials.

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The curriculum consists of 10 units, each designed for one hour of classroom, hybrid, or online instruction. Faculty can select the units that match their student learning outcomes.


Financial Literacy Curriculum

Unit 1: Introduction, Financial Goals

Unit 2: Maximizing Your Income

Unit 3: Paying for College or Vocational Training

Unit 4: Using a Budget to Control Your Expenses

Unit 5: Saving and Investing Your Money

Unit 6: Managing Debt

Unit 7: Buying or Renting a Home

Unit 8: Insurance

Unit 9: Taxes

Unit 10: Future Developments