Instructor Manual, Test Bank, and PowerPoint


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Instructor Manual for:
College and Career Success, All Editions
Career Success
Native American and First Nations College and Career Success
Hawai'i and Pacific Islands College and Career Success
Custom Editions
Interactive Online Editions

The resources in the Instructor Manual are copyrighted materials and not to be used as open source materials. These materials are provided to faculty who have adopted any of my textbooks for their students.

The Instructor Manual contains over 500 pages of interactive classroom exercises, handouts, and techniques for engaging students in learning. Here is a sample Instructor Manual for Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation

The Test Bank has questions and exams for all editions. There are options for files in Word, ExamView Pro, and Blackboard.

The PowerPoint library has slides for all the topics in the textbook. Chose the slides that match your student learning outcomes. Here is a sample PowerPoint presentation for Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation.