Links:Communication and Relationships

For a variety of current articles on relationships, visit the Science of Relationships website:

Relationships 101:Having Healthy Relationships in Your First Year of College
This article has helpful information on long distance relationships, dealing with a breakup, starting new relationships, building healthy relationships, relationship abuse, and staying in a bad relationship: 

Read about the most effective communication strategies with various personality types at this site:

The Personality Page has good information on personality type and relationships:

The Relationship Institute provides useful articles on relationships including addictive relationships, coping with loss, dealing with anger, the differences between men and women, effective communication, resolving conflict, creating romance and improving relationships.  

Create positive relationships and increase your self-esteem.  This site provides information for families, couples and stepfamilies.  It includes communication and relationship quizzes and suggestions for more positive relationships:  

Suggestions for healthy relationships for teens (including a chat room with teen peer counselors): 

Learn how to deal with anger at the American Psychological Association Web site:   

Get the answers to common questions about beginning, enhancing and breaking up relationships at:  

This site has poetry about love and relationships.  See what others have written or submit your own: