Links:Thinking Critically and Creatively

"List of Common Cognitive Biases" with examples:

Click the following link for an index of resources about Critical Thinking on the Web:

Visit the Fallacy Files for a definition, history, examples, resources and quotes.  There is even a Fallacy Watch where people can submit examples of fallacies in reasoning.

The Virtual Salt website provides an introduction to critical and creative thinking.  It has information on negative attitudes that block creativity, mental blocks to creativity and positive attitudes for creative thinking: 

The Virtual Salt website also has creative thinking techniques including brainstorming, idea generating questions and block busting. 

Visit the Creativity Web for resources on creativity and innovation:
Creativity Web

Visit the Creative Thinking Skills for Life and Education site for tools for teaching creativity.

Quotations for creative thinking:

Brain Apps

You can find apps for exercising your brain including brain teasers, games and creativity boosters at: