Links: Thinking Positively about the Future

Learn more about Martin Seligman and his book, Authentic Happiness.  There are also free inventories that measure signature strengths, general happiness, satisfaction with life, optimism and many other topics related to happiness.

Take a free inventory (VIA Me!) based on Martin Seligman's character strengths and receive a free character profile at: 

For an explanation of Martin Seligman's character strengths and how to use them, visit:

See the article, "Get Control of Your Happiness," outlining Sonja Lyubomirsky's 12 steps to happiness, 2008. 

Meet Gail Sheehy, author of many books on life stages.  Through the use of online videos, she will explain her ideas on life stages. 

For information on how the self-fulfilling prophecy affects success in education: 

Learn more about adult development, happiness, self-improvement and self-esteem at: 

Read "My Declaration of Self-Esteem" by Virginia Satir: 

Visit the "You Can Choose to be Happy" Web site: