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Ice Breakers and Team Building

This site contains fun ice breakers and games for getting acquainted.

Here is another site for ice breakers:

These sites have team building activities and games: 


This Virginia Tech site has constructive suggestions for improving motivation including a Motivation Checklist. provides a good essay on college motivation that includes socialization, setting goals, asking questions, positive thinking, setting priorities and keeping things in perspective.

Visit the Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston.  This site includes relaxing and motivating words, photography and music.

College Degrees and Earnings

Educational Attainment in the United States: 2015 from US Census Bureau.

College Degree Doubles Annual Earnings, US Census Bureau 2005.

Improving Concentration

This site from Virginia Tech covers the basics of concentration in an interactive and informative way. Topics include choosing a study environment, setting study goals, concentration, and making studying a habit.

Kansas State University has some good suggestions for improving concentration.  It includes basic techniques for training your wandering mind such as Be Here Now, the Spider Technique and set up a Worry time.  It has a comprehensive list of other useful mental strategies for improving concentration.


For famous quotes on persistence go to: