Links:Improving Memory and Reading

Memory Improvement

The Mempowered site has detailed information about improving your memory, memory problems, and how the memory works:

This interactive site from Virginia Tech helps students to understand how to concentrate and improve memory:

Take this memory quiz to test your memory.  It is followed by suggested ways to improve your memory.

Consult the Help Guide for improving memory.  Topics include an explanation of how the memory works, brain exercises, guidelines to improve memory, mnemonic devices, healthy habits to improve memory, and memory and aging.

Use Study Stack to create your own flashcards online:

For more information on memory techniques, visit Mind Tools at:

For more information on using mnemonics: 

The College Atlas contains information on general study skills, reading and writing, test taking and preparation, time management, memory techniques and study skills for specific subjects:

Read about the Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips:

Reading Improvement

The Virginia Tech site has many resources on reading including reading difficult material, interpretive reading, reading essays, 
reading fiction, reading speed and comprehension, reading critically, pre-reading strategies, marking and underlining and taking 
notes from a textbook. 

See the Dartmouth College site for Reading Your Textbook Effectively and Efficiently:

The Virginia Tech website provides a good review of SQ3R and how to make an action plan for reading your college textbooks.

Study Skills Self-Help is available at Virginia Tech University, including topics on memory and reading:

Positive Thinking

Read about the Power of Positive Thinking:

For famous quotes about positive thinking:

Brain Apps

You can find apps for exercising your brain including brain teasers, games and creativity boosters at: