Links:Test Taking

Test Taking Strategies is a fun site where you can make flashcards, quizzes and games to learn factual material.  You can create your own flashcards or use some that are already created.  There are flashcards and games for many subjects including foreign languages, algebra, biology, chemistry, history, music, government and many more.

The Education Corner contains many study strategies and test taking guides:  

The College Atlas contains information on general study skills, reading and writing, test taking and preparation, time management, memory techniques and study skills for specific subjects:

The Virginia Tech Site has many resources for test preparation and taking tests. 

This site is a comprehensive listing of college sites that have helpful tips on study skills and taking tests: 

For strategies to use for difficult test questions, visit this site at Virginia Tech University:

The site has tips for test taking, dealing with test anxiety and how to cram.

The Study Guides and Strategies site has information on general test preparation, anticipating test content, review tools, overcoming test anxiety, organizing for test taking, cramming, emergency test preparation and 10 tips for test taking.

Veritas Prep offers test taking strategies and tips for dealing with text anxiety for middle school and high school students:

Taking Math Tests

The Math Power site has great tips on how to deal with math anxiety, study for math tests and take math tests: 

The Virginia Tech site has resources for taking math tests including solving linear equations, solving math word problems, evaluating algebraic expressions,

This site has good general tips for studying in a math course, solving problems and taking math tests:

For a review of basic math and algebra concepts go to the Number Nut Site.  Choose the topic you need to review: 

Test Anxiety

The Test Anxiety Inventory developed by Charles Spielberger is one of the most widely used instruments to help student understand test anxiety.

The Overcoming Text Anxiety handout from St. Charles Community College has additional suggestions for overcoming test anxiety including positive thinking, controlled breathing, dealing with the fear response, muscle relaxing, rehearsing the test, and other practical suggestions. 

This is a great site for test anxiety reduction exercises:  

For additional tips on managing test anxiety, visit this site at the University of Western Ontario:

Standardized Tests

For high school students, if you are taking the SAT or ACT, you can find out what information is on the test and some strategies for test day at:

If you are taking standardized tests such as the CLEP, GED, GMAT, LSAT, PSAT, SAT and much more, you can find free practice tests and questions of the dat at: