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Resources for College and Career Success Online

The online text offers powerful tools for student success and retention as well as ease of grading. If you are using the online version of the text, here are some recommendations for success: Online Teaching Success

Tips for Success with College and Career Success Online

Crosswalk: Course Competencies and Course Outline for CPD 150 Matched to College and Career Success Online

Guided Pathways Matched with Student Learning Outcomes for College and Career Success Online

Weekly Lesson Plan

Making the Most of the First Week of Class

Grading Rubric for Journal Entries

Canvas Export File Spring 2018, 8th Edition College and Career Success
Click the above link to download this file. Save it on your computer. To import the file to Canvas, click on settings and follow the directions to import the file. I recommend that you install the file in your sand box. If you have difficulties downloading this file, I can send it through Google Docs. Contact me at if you would like me to share this file with you.

Psychometric Reports for Assessments

AchieveWORKS Personality
AchieveWORKS Intelligences
AchieveWORKS Learning and Productivity

Customer Care
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Pre-Test Success Wheel Chapter 1

Successful Behavior Chapter 1

Personality Summary Chapter 2

Career Research Chapter 4

Health Improvement Chapter 12

Post-Test Success Wheel Chapter 14

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Authentic Happiness: Book Review

End of Semester Activities

Setting Up Your Online Course for Maximum Student Success

Videos with Author Avatar Introductions for Each Chapter
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Avatar Videos
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Chapter 2 Chapter 7 Chapter 12
Chapter 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 13
Chapter 4 Chapter 9 Chapter 14
Chapter 5 Chapter 10