Personality Type: Matching Careers and Majors

Click on your personality type to view a general description of each type, general occupational fields, frequently chosen occupations and suggested majors. These suggestions are based on research that correlates personality type with a choice of a satisfying career. While it is not possible to predict exactly your career and college major by knowing your personality type, it can be helpful in providing opportunities for exploration. Continue your exploration with the Do What You Are personality assessment.



What do these letters mean?

To review, here are brief descriptions of each type:

Extraverts focus their energy on the world outside themselves.  They enjoy interaction with others and get to know a lot of different people.  They enjoy and are usually good at communication.  They are energized by social interaction and prefer being active.  These types are often described as talkative and social.

Introverts focus their energy on the world inside of themselves.  They enjoy spending time alone and think about the world in order to understand it. Introverts like more limited social contacts,  preferring smaller groups or one-on-one relationships.  These types are often described as quiet or reserved.

Sensing persons prefer to use the senses to take in information (what they see, hear, taste, touch, smell). They focus on “what is” and trust information that is concrete and observable.  They learn through experience.

INtuitive persons rely on instincts and focus on “what could be”. While we all use our five senses to perceive the world, the intuitive person is interested in relationships, possibilities, meanings and implications.  They value inspiration and trust their “sixth sense” or hunches.  We all use our senses and intuition in our daily lives, but we usually have a preference for one mode or another.

Thinking individuals make decisions based on logic.  They are objective and analytical.  They look at all the evidence and reach an impersonal conclusion. They are concerned with what they think is right.

Feeling individuals make decisions based on what is important to them and matches their personal values.  They are concerned about what they feel is right. 

Judging types like to live in a structured, orderly and planned way. They are happy when their lives are structured and matters are settled.   They like to have control over their lives.  Judging does not mean to judge others.  Think of this type as orderly and organized.

Perceptive types like to live in a spontaneous and flexible way.  They are happy when their lives are open to possibilities.  They try to understand life rather than control it.  Think of this type as spontaneous and flexible.