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Interactive Online Versions

College and Career Success, full version for 3 unit courses
College and Career Success, concise version for 1-2 unit courses
Career Success
Hawai'i and Pacific Islands College and Career Success
Native American and First Nations College and Career Success
Custom versions using any of the above materials

The online textbooks feature interactive exercises, journal entries, self-scored quizzes, career assessments with links to career research, and pre and post assessments. These texts can be fully integrated with your course management system for ease of access and grading. You can see your students' work online for easy follow-up and increased retention and success.

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Once you have guest access, the College and Career Success Tour Highlight will guide you through the program.

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Useful Files for Online Teaching 

Discussion Questions for Online Courses
Sample Syllabus
Discussion Reply Rubric
Rubric for Journal Entries
Tips for Success for College and Career Success Online

How to be Successful in an Online Course: Advice from previous students
Some Student Comments

Assignment Files for Online Course

Personality Project
How to Change a Habit
Career Research
Health Improvement

Useful Apps

Powtoon Example
For assignments, give students the option of PowerPoint, Powtoon, or any other creative media

Tellegami Example
Use this app to make short introductory videos of weekly material

Here are my introductory videos made with Tellegami. These videos provide a brief overview of the key points in each chapter. You can use my scripts to create your own videos.

Scripts for Short Introductory Videos


Avatar Videos
Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Chapter 11
Chapter 2 Chapter 7 Chapter 12
Chapter 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 13
Chapter 4 Chapter 9 Chapter 14
Chapter 5 Chapter 10  

Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways College and Career Success
Guided Pathways College and Career Success, Concise
Guided Pathways Hawai'i and Pacific Islands College and Career Success
Guided Pathways Native American and First Nations College and Career Success


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Assessment for Online Learning Readiness
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Best Practices in Online Teaching Strategies by the Hanover Research Council